Get Twitter Verified Application Form

Get Twitter Verified Application Form – Blue Tick Verified Badge

Verification Request

Only requests including all of these elements will be reviewed to determine whether the account(s) in question qualifies for verification. Why should you buy twitter verification when you can apply for free.

Please note that we may request additional information and limit the number of requests per entity.

Completion of this form does not guarantee that verification requests will be automatically be granted.

Basic Twitter Requirements
The account must have a complete profile, including:

– Real name
– Clear job title/biography
– Photo
– An official URL

In order to process this request, please have the account registered with a person website email address.
Twitter will not verify accounts registered to public email services as these expose your account to unnecessary and easily avoidable security risk.

Please remember verification takes around 30 / 60 days. Not all accounts are eligible.

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