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Retention Views


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Retention Views


100% Safe Views
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48 to 72 hours

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Buy High Retention Youtube Views

Buy High Retention Youtube Views, you say? Formerly known as “Hot Spots” in Insights, Audience Retention metrics are extremely useful in measuring the value of your content.

Audience Retention is broken into two additional segments: Absolute audience retention shows the views of every moment of the video as a percentage of the number of views of the beginning of the video, while Relative audience retention shows your video’s ability to retain viewers during playback relative to all YouTube videos of similar length. Buy High Retention Youtube Views today

By interpreting the graphs on this metric, you can see at what points of your video do people stop or start watching. If you see a peak in the middle of the graph, you could infer that viewers are skipping right to that section of the video. Likewise, if you see a dramatic drop-off in viewership, you may consider not including the element that appears at that time in your next video. Finally, If you see a gradual decline in viewership across the video, you could infer that the video goes on for too long and viewers got bored.
Practical Use: Is there an on-camera personality that draws more attention than others? Should you consider producing shorter or longer videos in the future? Are viewers rewinding and re-watching a particular moment? If so, why?

By interpreting the many robust metrics that YouTube Analytics offers, you can beging thinking about your content from the eyes of the your viewers rather than as the producer. If you’re producing videos regularly (and you should be), frequent or even daily monitoring of analytics is crucial to creating the most engaging content possible.

Buy YouTube High Retention Views

Did you know that only a little percentage of YouTube videos gets noticed? Become part of the few that are noticed. Purchase and Buy YouTube views today!

As YouTube has become the site to see everything, buying YouTube views will mean more chances of people seeing and visiting your site. Videos make a great way of marketing your products and services. Videos provide interaction and pack a whole lot of information that will be otherwise hard to put into writing. The more interesting your videos are the more possibilities that many will view it and the more views it has, the more potential business will come your way. Increase your video’s views now by buying YouTube views from Social Marketeers!

Why Get More Views on YouTube?

We provide real YouTube views by real people and we provide 100% assurance that your video as well as your YouTube account will not be in a risk of anything. A video of your business is a very powerful marketing tool and the more YouTube views your video has, the more business possibilities it will generate. Increase YouTube views of your company video by buying YouTube views from us. We offer a range of packages that will suit all your business needs. So what are you waiting for, buy real YouTube views from us now!

How to Increase YouTube Views?

Increased YouTube views will boost your video popularity to a whole new level. The more views you have, the more credibility your video will gain. With increased YouTube views, your video will soon start appearing on social networking sites because people will be sharing them to everyone they know and before you know it, your video has become viral and it is as easy as one, two and three with Social Marketeers! So Buy High Retention Youtube Views is worth it!

Purchase YouTube Views Now!

We have a whole range of buying YouTube views options. Just choose one of the plans and your video will be on its way up on the popularity scale. So hurry now and purchase YouTube views from us!

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  1. mm Micheal Enfield says:
    Ordered many servicesI ordered many services for youtube from this website, and I tried the retention views, I must admit I was pretty impressed when I saw my video was watched for the whole 3 minutes! Delivered fast, and on time, max on support is fantastic thank you!

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