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Get for only $2.50 per 1k
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Get for only $2.50 per 1k
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Video Views


Get for only $2.50 per 1k
Within 24 / 48 Hours


Video Views


Get for only $2.50 per 1k
Within 24 / 48 Hours

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Buy Facebook Video Views Now Is The Time

Why should we buy facebook video views

YouTube may have been the popular way to post videos but with the current increase Facebook video views, it will not take long before Facebook will have this feature as most superior attraction. You can now start to buy Facebook video views to be on the run in this form of social media marketing. We also sell Facebook Viewers, Increase your facebook live stream with more viewers. Gain more viewers for your facebook live feed!

Last year’s statistics about increased video views for Facebook videos disclosed the rapid growth rate. Video views marked an increased published clips to 360% compared to the previous year. This showed that about a billion videos are viewed per day. As an entrepreneur, you should begin adapting to this development; the best way to capture a big share is to buy Facebook video views.
The initiative to entice more video views comes from Facebook. This social media network wants you to keep watching videos that appear in your News Feed and to keep re-watching and sharing the videos to your friends. Thus the videos are high quality. This is just the beginning as each Facebook user is now enjoined to make their own videos to be shared to their FB friends.

Buy Facebook video views and be ahead in the race

For an enterprise, video advertisements can have better impact to customers. It is more fun watching than reading. As sharing of the videos can rise exponentially, you now have to tap your resources and start to buy Facebook video views. Don’t you want to be the first company to get more Facebook video views?

You have to be proactive. You can try first with the lowest purchase of Facebook video views from www.thesocialmarketeers.org; for $10 you will already have 100 Facebook video views. If you click to purchase now, you get an additional 5 views as promo. That is not too much to invest and even if you get the highest package to increase Facebook video views, you will only spend a marginal amount of $200.

Share videos to get more Facebook video views

Sharing in Facebook should not be confined to text posts or photos; you can share videos that had been recorded through any device – camera, tablets or Smartphones. So long that you have saved your video clip you can directly post it in Facebook then save it likewise in your profile. You can record videos in any format but it should be limited to 20 minute playing time or just 1024 MB. The video is like a photo album where you share it to your friends. When you buy Facebook video views, your video clip can be shared to more viewers which can make such clip viral, depending on how many views you purchased from the Social Marketeers site. Facebook live viewers also help gain more video views!

Increase Facebook video views is the best way to promote your company

You may already have bought Facebook post shares and your business is already enjoying the rapid increase in post shares. However, the videos can have added and different impact. Post and video shares will go hand in hand for an increased online popularity of your product or firm. With the new innovations made by Facebook on its video uploads and shares, the best way to promote or advertise your business is to increase Facebook video views. Is it time for you to buy Facebook video views despite having bought Facebook post and photo shares and likes, respectively?

Also if you need more facebook video viewers for your live feed.
How to gain more live viewers on facebook! Buy Facebook Live Feed Video Viewers

7 Review for Buy Facebook Video Views

  1. mm Sarah says:
    Fantastic ServiceGreat service I got all my views within only a couple of hours. Will be ordering again! Thank you!
  2. mm Micheal Enfield says:
    Great fast service! I ordered 50,000 facebook videos for my video, and within 12 hours it had all completed, I have actually used this website several times now, and I thought it was time I would leave a review. Im really impressed with the service, and support provided by the social marketeers. I also bought facebook likes too, which was super fast. Thank you so much!
  3. mm Laura Churchman says:
    Fast ServiceSpoke to customer support, they helped a great deal, guided me through the whole process. I now have all the views I need for my music video. Thank you so much!
  4. mm Little Buttler says:
    This works too!I have ordered many services from this website, and this one was my favourite! The reason was because it was finished within one hour! Love this website, cant wait to try out some more of your products to grow my social media presence!
  5. mm French Scotty says:
    WOW!Searched for a way to boost my views to my facebook video, saw many websites, and found this was the cheapest. And at only $2.98 for 1000 i couldn't say no. So i purchased the views and woke up the next day with them all delivered. Very fast service, very satisfied. Im going to purchase some facebook likes for my video next, cant wait to see them come in! If your looking for a way to boost your exposure on facebook and get your video seen by more people, i would totally recommend these guys!
  6. mm Sarah Geno says:
    SatisfiedGot all my views, and a little extra. Thank you! Very fast turn around.
  7. mm Daniel Evers says:
    Satisfied!Got all my views, and a little extra. Thank you! Very fast turn around.

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