How to upload a custom video to Vine

Since its launch, Vine has risen to the top of the apps charts and 6 second videos have become a part of the social media world. Those people who want to be ahead of their competitors when it comes to marketing on the internet should use Vine. This is a mobile service that enables people to create and share short videos.

Below is how to get a 6 second video off the computer and in to Vine!

Before You Begin

Install these programs on your computer if you don’t have them.

– iPhone Users- Get iExplorer to help you navigate the files on the iOS device
– Android Users- Use Android File Manager to navigate the files on the Android device
– Handbrake to manipulate the settings on the video

Once the programs are installed, you are ready to move on

1, Create the Vine Video
Choose the source video and launch your favourite video editing program to create a video which is 6 seconds or less. You should render it with these settings:
Video Size-480×480 pixels
Video Codec- H.264 (.mp4)
Final file size should be less than 1.5MB

2. Prepare the video for Vine with the Handbrake
Once the video is set, hit the Start Button and the Handbrake will process the video clip.

3. Launch Vine on the Android or iOS Device

Here is where the trickery starts. Launch the Vine app and start making a video. Ensure that you stop the recording before using all 6 seconds of time.

*NEW Instruction*
Exit your Vine App and go to the home screen before you continue with step 4.

4a. Use iExplorer

Set the iPhone aside and load up iExplorer on the computer

Choose Files Tab – Apps – VIne
Go to the tmp folder
Drag and Drop your video into the tmp folder
Now search for the temporary .mp4 file which was created when you started recording the video in the Vine application (looks like temp_record_123456789.012345.mp4)
Copy the filename of that temp file, and rename it to something else
Now rename the custom video by pasting the filename that you have just copied

4b. Use Android File Manager

Open the DCIM folder
Go to the Vine directory
Follow the same instructions in 4a
5. Back to Vine

Pick up the phone and open back up the Vine app. Before hitting the green check mark, tap and record one more split second frame for the video. Then, hit that green check mark and now instead of seeing the video you began to record on the phone, you will see the custom, premade video in Vine waiting for you share it with the world!

6. Finish It Up
If you want to create a teaser Vine to promote a longer video on Vimeo, YouTube or a Website make sure that you include a short link to the content in the body of the post.

It is important to note that much like Instagram, Vine does not support url links within the body of the post. But, when you share the Vine simultaneously to Twitter, the link will be clickable.

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