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On April 9, 2014
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How to use Soundcloud for Music Promotion

Soundcloud Promotion has become one of the most potent tools for musicians wishing to market their music online. Many musicians big and small are already taking advantage of the growing community of music lovers in Soundcloud. Soundcloud enables music lovers to create sets, interact with other users, share tracks, comment on or like music tracks, and join groups among others. Considering the success of Skrillex and the fact that he is on Soundcloud, you quickly get an idea of how Soundcloud has become so helpful in Music Promotion.

To help you get started with Soundcloud or get more success with Soundcloud Promotion, we share a few simple, but important tips that have worked for many other musicians.

Tips for effective Soundcloud Music Promotion

One of the most important ways to succeed with Soundcloud Music Promotion is to share. Any time you release a new track, make social networking sites your fast stop. Share on Facebook, tweet about it and share a link and post it on Tumblr. Share the track with Soundcloud users who are not your friends on the social networking sites. To make things much easier, Soundcloud can connect various networks in their settings area.

Another important Soundcloud marketing tip is to offer freebies. Even though it can be starving sometimes, try to allow free track downloads once in a while. This will definitely pay off in the not so distant future as the tracks gets viral eventually reaching the right fans and music enthusiasts. Free download is a way to get a quick exposure and a large fan base which allows you to sell more of your tracks later.

For a successful Music Promotion campaign, consider becoming part of the community of your music lovers by submitting music to various Soundcloud groups. As you submit your music, remember that location based groups is one important segment that you cannot ignore. Also consider reaching Soundcloud groups that resonate with your genre of music. Local city or state groups can be a way to create a home fan base and may also provide opportunities for future performances.

Actively participate in Soundcloud by commenting on tracks by other musicians. As you use your Soundcloud Promotion to help others realise their dreams, they are most likely to get interested in your work or even starting a professional relationship with you. Don’t comment just for the sake of commenting but try to give honest and constructive comments.

Most importantly, remember to follow your users. When users realise that you are following them, they get more interested about your music and are mostly likely to check it out, listen to it and share it with friends. Do the same with other musicians as well.

You can implement these tips without breaking a sweat and still get the best Soundcloud Marketing results.

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