Why Actors Need to Boost their IMBd Starmeter Ranking

As an aspiring actor, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities by not using IMBd.  If managed properly, your IMBd page can land you new projects and propel your acting career to success.

What is IMBd?
The Internet Movie Database or more popularly known as IMBd is a virtual database that contains thousands of information about TV programs, movies, video games, actors, directors, producers etc. When fans google a movie or an actor, the website that typically comes up first on the search results is IMBd. Through this website, fans and casting agents can learn more about you and the movies you were in.

What makes IMBd such an indispensable online platform for aspiring actors just like yourself is that it offers various tools that can help you promote your career further. One perfect example of this is their resume section. By adding your resume as well as some photos of yourself, casting agents can get to know more about you, helping them determine whether you’re suitable for a particular role or not. As such, make sure to add an impressive resume.

What Is the IMBd Starmeter?
Now that you already know what IMBd is and its importance to your acting career, it’s time for you to learn one important IMBd feature that can help you increase your popularity and help you land new projects: it’s called the Starmeter.

Always keep this in mind. When managing your IMBd profile page, your Starmeter should be one of your primary concerns. Why? Simple. Your Starmeter ranking helps determine whether you are bankable or not. In general, the more popular an actor is the more auditions or movie offers he will get. Your Starmeter ranking shows how popular you are among fans.

If your ranking is low, then chances are casting agents are unlikely to pick you. On the other hand, if your Starmeter ranking shows that many people are searching you and visiting your profile page, then you are more likely to get chosen for movie roles or auditions.

How to Boost Your IMBd Starmeter?
In order for you to reap the benefits that IMBd provide, you need to boost your IMBd Starmeter ranking first. Doing so is not that difficult. In fact, you can do it yourself. However, it would be wise for you to ask the assistance of an online company that specialises in boosting an actor’s Starmeter ranking. This may cost you a little but the rewards you will reap will surely outweigh any amount you have spent.

Here are three essential steps you need to take for you to boost your IMBd Starmeter ranking.

1. As mentioned earlier, the best way to increase your Starmeter ranking is by using an online agency. An online company can help your Facebook fan page, your Twitter and Youtube accounts and your IMBd profile get publicity. The more publicity you get the more likely people will google you or visit your various online accounts.

2. This may sound like a no-brainer, but you need to make sure that your IMBd profile page includes your photo. In addition, see to it that on-set photos, film stills and modelling pictures are displayed on your profile too.

3. Use the power of social media. Share and post your IMBd profile link in your Twitter and Facebook pages, include it in your email signature and mention it in your blog if you have one. People nowadays are very much active in using social networking, so make sure to take advantage of it.

Just follow these simple steps properly, and you will surely boost your IMBd Starmeter ranking in no time.

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